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Of course, there’s the candy and the daydreaming and the midnight oil.

But I do have a process. Enter; The Hunt™ (Oooohhhh….)

It might show up differently on the invoice, but aaaanyway:

At every step, I pursue your long-term outcomes by ensuring your brand is recognized at every single customer touchpoint. Every visual asset, down to the smallest element, is clear, consistent, and makes the correct, lasting impression.


Brand Discovery

I aim to understand your core brand, learn about all your products and services, and get clear on your unique selling point(s).


Market Research

I compile the current brand perception, identify your target market(s), and analyze your nearest competitors.


Strategy & Positioning

I define exactly where on the market landscape your brand lives, and zero in on the right direction to build out your brand’s future.



This is when my drawing board and I have a quiet moment. I create various design concepts to be able to find the best long-term brand solution.


Visual Development

Then I create a full visual identity system and showcase how the strategy, positioning and design come together across all touchpoints.


Execution & Implementation

Finally, I prepare all the files in all the formats needed for print and digital use, and coordinate production with the rest of your team.

This is how I get your brand to work for you.

The Hunt™ ensures that I create an adaptable visual brand identity and personality that remains consistent across all touchpoints, and immerses your customer in a comprehensive brand experience, so it continues building your reputation long after you’ve forgotten what you paid me. Ready for the next step?

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