yanky_color edit.jpg

Welcome to my world


The branding realm is one of my natural habitats.
I’m a rare animal.
If you ask my wife, I’m an endangered species.
There are few like me in the world.


My other natural habitats are printed materials and digital UI/UX. To paraphrase Jay-Z: “I’m not a designer baby. I’m a designer, baby!”


I’m a veteran brand strategist and visual storyteller.
Over the past decade, I built design-driven identities and experiences for an international audience of brands and consumers.


My specialties include research, creative strategy, logo development, brand bibles, design systems, interactive digital products, and more.

You could say I’m a boring white guy,
until you give me some colors to play with.


Then I leverage my diverse cultural exposure
and longtime agency immersion.
I bring first-thinking principles to every project and create addictive, transportive narratives.


First impressions matter.
So do lasting appearances.

I help you master both.