What if we imagine

the Capital of Shushan, today.

Welcome to the capital city of Shushan. Take a quick look at a collection of logos imagining the city today.


The state flag was designed with the famous architecture engraved in stone on the outer walls of the king’s palace.

Design by Yanky Perl

Commissioned by the State of Shushan

The Royal Runners

The Royal Runners is a nationally recognized mail service used by the state.


With standard 3 day delivery, overnight shipping, or even same day pickup and delivery, they will get it to you as fast as the horses can run. 

Haman's Barbershop

Haman’s Barbershop is an iconic destination for every man in the city. With a personal touch to every cut, the logo is the face of the man behind it all. 

Department of Sanitation

The city sanitation department is known for its fast response to any scene. With rubbish removal and every day pickup, they’ll leave any place nice and clean. 

Queen's Beauty Boutique

Queen’s Beauty Boutique was designed with King Achashverosh’s direction to pamper the queen. It includes personal assistants doing hair, makeup and spa treatments, anytime, anywhere.

Yanky Perl is an Art Director / Designer 


Working on Branding, Visual identities,

and digital UI/UX design.

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