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Design - Yanky Perl, 2021

Adding that 'Pop' to the champagne, like a boss!
An upscale event without that perfect furniture is like a balloon without helium. It works, but it doesn't stay on top. Highstyle creates a seamless experience for every event. Whatever the occasion or event, we will partner with you to make it an extraordinary success. Planning an event of high caliber couldn't be simpler!


The Assignment: Implement a branding model that evokes polish and sophistication. through brand development; introducing a new brand identity to define and connect the brand story.

The mission: Designed to celebrate™

Highstyle's creative team of designers craft the most unique and memorable furniture pieces. This means we can provide a comprehensive rental solution for you and have everything ready for your next event - no matter how big or small! We’ll help you get an exceptional collection of furniture to create the perfect experience for your every event.

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