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Black Hanger

Design - Yanky Perl, 2021

Carrying your load!
A concierge dry cleaning service with pick up and delivery, Where your items are treated with the utmost care to ensure perfectly cleaned results. With a unique process to be fast, reliable, and flexible to deliver a hassle free experience for every customer.


The Assignment: Implement a branding model that evokes polish and sophistication. through brand development; introducing a new name and brand identity to define and connect the brand story.

The mission: Experience excellence™

Black Hanger understands that busy life can get messy at times which is why we offer a service most suited to your convenience. Minimal touch pickup and delivery is our specialty, picking upfrom the destination that best suits you and dropping off at the location of your choice. Everyone deserves to wear pristine, pressed, and clean affordably. Black Hanger handle's your garments with the utmost care and, whether you’re looking to win time in your day or dealing with a delicate cleaning challenge, we’re here to ease the load.

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