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WellTab Experience 

User Experience and User Interface Design,

Yanky Perl, 2021

WellTab enables continuous audio- visual exposure to a patient’s caregiver and familiar home environment that is a valuable source of lifesaving encouragement. The pair of custom designed plug-and-play tablets securely connects patients in hospitals, rehabilitation centers or nursing facilities to their families at home.

With WellTab, patients are Never Alone.

WellTab started out for patients alone in Covid-19 hospital wards.

With hospitals on lockdown and staff overwhelmed, families could do little but hold vigils next to the phone, waiting hours for sporadic updates on their loved ones, while isolated patients’ only human contact came in the form of brief visits from overloaded doctors and nurses, most of whom were afraid of prolonged contact. It soon became clear that without contact or family support, and with no one to advocate for them, many patients were losing the will to persevere.

“There was no one to reassure them and convince them they were getting better, and weeks on end of loneliness led to further deterioration and proved to be detrimental to their health and wellbeing". Read more

WellTab is the only one offering a unique compliant solution to patients and family’s while ensuring hospitals and healthcare facilities are happy to accommodate.

With all the newly introduced concepts and features included in the WellTab app, we had to streamline the entire design system throughout the experience and make it easy for anyone to navigate and interact with it.


The app features a very streamlined design that will help everyone understand the unique features and functionality while using the WellTab app. Using clear consistent typography styles, iconography, and simple color palette

Patient and family controls

There are two sets of controls that appear when you press ‘tap to show controls’, one for the family tablet and one for the patient tablet. The patient tablet controls allow the family to remotely control the tablet for a patient who is unable to do so.

Privacy Mode allows patients and staff to temporarily pause the meeting as needed for privacy or other similar purposes.

The Call Family feature allows the patient to call the family to the tablet in the event they are not currently near the family tablet.

Quiet Mode allows the family to remain virtually at the bedside without disturbing the patient’s quiet time or sleep.

A family or patient status indicator box appears at the bottom right corner of the screen showing certain family tablet status conditions.